It’s Time – Es ist Zeit… the title comes from the political campaign of Germany’s former leader of the SPD, Martin Schulz. I had recently arrived in Berlin and as I wandered the city in search of urbanscapes to paint from I kept noticing the campaign posters, for Schulz, and Angela Merkel, at traffic circles, train stations, and bus stops. This one seemed too perfect a situation to pass up – Schulz’s optimistic smile on one side, an ad for disposable coffee capsules on the other, and in the background a GDR era building being dismantled. Cities cycle through periods of prosperity and recession, and over time, even concrete and rebar crumble, as leaders come and go. We have but a moment to create something long lasting. Charlie Parker knew it when he wrote Now’s the Time back in 1945.

Oil on canvas
120 cm x 130 cm