It’s easy to get trapped in a daily routine, focusing dutifully on predictable tasks, checking off one’s to do list as the days go by, and so ending the week feeling virtuous, if somewhat empty. Weeks like this bleed forgettably into one another, and before you know it, months have gone by without significant memories. One way I try to break this mold is simply by wandering, picking an arbitrary route and going for it without a clear expectation other than to get lost for a short while. One evening at dusk I found myself in this space spread out below an imposing concrete building left over from the GDR. It’s original use no longer relevant, it’s now an appealing backdrop for graffiti artists and skateboarders, and anyone looking for an open space to hang in. I was only there for a few moments, but long enough for it to become a potent memory-place for me where return in my mind.

Oil on canvas
120cm x 150cm