This recent painting of a nearby controversial construction site found a new home before I had a chance to post it! I painted it from a series of sketches and photos I made on Rigaer Strasse which runs east-west in the block behind my studio. Historically a zone known for its occupied dwellings and anarchy protests, this Kiez, as is true with many neighborhoods throughout Berlin, has undergone demographic change and become a home to young families and urban professionals. With several large Neubau constructions going up on either side of Rigaer Strasse the block remains literally closed off during the day and opens up to local traffic only by late evening and on Sundays. While sporadically organized protests throughout the summer brought police, (dutifully watchful but without having to intervene) construction has proceeded and daily life seemed more affected by the oppressive heat wave and city-wide wasp infestation. The times I spent sketching and photographing the site behind chain-link fencing at day’s end, the night watchmen may have eyed me warily, but said nothing. One evening the sky clouded over suddenly just as the sun was setting, creating a dramatic contrast between light and dark. In that moment, the plain yellow wall glowed with greater intensity, the crane glinted, the rebar seemed to melt in a pool of rusted orange and a lone bucket cast its shadow.

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