An Excerpt from a Correspondence between myself and Dr. Birgit Szepanski, Berlin, June 2020

What I’ve noticed about Berlin is that people find often very creative ways to assert and protect their individuality, These can be temporary, such as in a photo booth, or the moments spent arranging one’s belongings while waiting at a bus stop, or more lasting as in the way one decorates a window or small balcony. These are small but important examples of the individual prevailing against a backdrop of conformist architecture, not only in the Plattenbau of the past, but also the slick Neubau popping up across the city. In my interiors, paintings such as Der Brief highlight a sense of safety but also mystery within. Light comes from the window which offers a view of the ever present city, a constant reminder of the world outside. This conversation between the private realm and the public continues to influence my work.

Download here the full interview

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