Nothing like witnessing a world wide pandemic to reflect on the past as I focus on making the best pictures I can to get through the present. A lot of sleepless nights worrying about loved ones, the state of the union, and general pandemic anxiety has lead me to remembering my early childhood spent in Mexico City and later the house we grew up in, in Potomac Maryland. As a teenager I only wanted to leave, and experience other places, but now, transplanted to Berlin, I find myself thinking more and more about my childhood, and especially the house we lived in. I don’t need photos to form images, they simply come, along with feelings, thankfully less cogent, informing the painting process. I awake almost every night at 3 am, look out my window at the street lights shining down a quiet Karl Marx Allee, and after falling back to sleep, dream of these places, or of Berlin, with real and imagined characters, and feel grateful for the material coming my way.

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