Artist Statement

As a visual artist I instinctively observe and record my surroundings through drawing and painting. While being an observer may engender feelings of  estrangement, it allows me to focus on a moment in time when a certain light or spot of color caught my attention.  Through the painting process I then connect to my surroundings as they take on meaning. I see my images of urban landscapes and the objects that fill them as portraits of spaces I’ve experienced perhaps only fleetingly, but that have nonetheless left me with strong impressions. Often construction sites and the odd equipment filling them captures my interest, as their unfinished states of impermanence seem to mirror my own development as an artist. While on one level I devote attention to the structural details in an urban scene, on another level my subject is deeply personal, and connected to my own feelings in a particular moment. The delibrate contrast I create between areas in shadow and areas in light, or between highly complex structures and emptier expanses evolves from my feeling about a place and my need to communicate this visually.


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About me

After having lived in Italy for many years where I held art classes for children and adults in my studio and painted the local scenes of my adopted home, I then moved back to the US where I taught art in a large urban public school system. Recently, I have made Berlin my new home. My need to document my changing environment grows stronger with every move. Learning about the dramatic urban challenges and transformations facing Berlin and its growing population goes hand in hand with my personal need to understand through my art, my place in this city.

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