Caty Forden

- Statement

My painting is an ongoing exploration of the medium in combination with personal narratives. The materiality of oil paint, together with its infinite expressive possibilities, is a prime focus. Simultaneously I draw from memories and reflections about my surroundings, past and present.

Whether painting en plein-air in nature, composing urban scenes, or creating dreamscapes, I work in series. Color and light unifies all of my painting. Building relationships layer by layer, a sense of timelessness unfolds, suggesting a tension between what may have just transpired, and what has yet to happen. 

Most recently, my female protagonists occupy recontextualized compositions from the Renaissance. Devising my own repertoire of visual metaphors, highly detailed areas paired with loose brushwork evoke a hinterland, a place of magical realism open to multiple interpretations. 

Situated between art history and contemporary society, my painting is an empathetic visualization of instability and vulnerability. With or without figures, all my work evokes a human presence, through an examination of the self that bridges the personal to the universal.

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Photo by Felicia Scheuerecker