I am interested in ambiguities.

Stories, dreams, memories, and places I’ve lived in or merely passed by, provide material.

Painting anchors me in the present. Creating a sense of space on a two dimensional plane is a process worth losing myself in.

Working with the materiality of oil paint on canvas I try to nurture the initial inspiration. This may be something I saw in the outside world or something that came to me in a dream or memory. Sometimes the origins blur and overlap.

The painting process leaves its traces in the layers of paint, becoming part of the story. A sense of connection must prevail.

Working on several paintings over an extended period, I also sketch, paint watercolors, and print lithographs. Movement alternates with rest, but the flow is constant.

Color relationships and the sense of light they create unifies all my work. Suggesting a tension between stillness and movement; between what may have just transpired, and what has yet to happen.

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